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你知道CITY EXPLORER ACTIVE+ 如何在线上链接更多生意给你吗?

Let your products or services be seen among a wider group of customers with the NEW release of CITY EXPLORER ACTIVE+ It’s a multifunctional e-magazine that can be directly connected to most digital platforms and will help you drive better sales online. Capture the views of more than 100k+ City Explorer Members and Major local Facebook Groups.
Effectiveness compared to own Facebook boosting. We’ll cover it for you, providing an affordable way to maximize your advertising returns💲💲💲
我们全新推荐的 CITY EXPLORER ACTIVE+ 让您的产品和服务在更广泛的客户群中看到您,这是一本多功能电子杂志 拥有龐大的註冊会员 电子杂志能连接到任何通讯平台而把客户直接连接给您,并可以帮助您通过线上寻找更多的客户群.您的广告会发送到我们庞大的注册会员消费群,各大面子书群组,特定面子书消费群用户,一个超值的广告配套等着您, 比起您自己投放面子书广告更加经济有效.

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